Colonel David Saunders, Halifax County, Bedford County (1761-1845)

In a previous post about Julius Saunders of Bedford County, and the fact that he apprenticed three boys born to Priscilla Carter Burnett, the wife of Williamson Burnett. All three of the boys were disinherited and repudiated by Williamson Burnett in his will at Williamson’s death in 1823.

I had noted the intervention of a David Saunders in obtaining an official warning from Bedford County leaders in 1805 to Williamson Burnett regarding his behavior towards is wife Priscilla, followed by another complaint about Williamson’s behavior in 1806.

I had asked the question as to the identity of the person who obtained an official reprimand for Williamson’s behavior towards Priscilla.

Although I do not have evidence at present that the David Saunders for whom selected life milestones follow is the David Saunders who brought Williamson Burnett’s transgressions against his wife, Priscilla Carter Burnett, David Saunders did have magisterial duties in Bedford County.

Although David Saunders is not a brother of Julius Saunders, he appears to be a first cousin. He also has a connection to Priscilla’s family. He is married to a Leftwich, as will be Priscilla’s son, Christopher Ammon.

If this is the David Saunders who reported Williamson to county officials on two separate occasions, it does not necessarily follow that there was a personal relationship between David Saunders and Priscilla.


 David Saunders born February 1761 in Hanover County, Virginia, the son of Thomas Saunders (1730-1784) and Elizabeth Rice (1735-1790).


 David Saunders joins the Virginia Militia.

During the revolutionary war, David Saunders lived in Charlotte County, Virginia.


4 September: David Saunders married Lockey Leftwich in Bedford County, Virginia


Daughter Mary Ann Saunders (married Perkins) born, died 1816

Son William Leftwich Saunders born, died 1882


Ann Dandridge Saunders born, died 1862 (married Mitchell)


Malinda Lockey Saunders born, died 1868 (married Bouldin)


Lucinda W. Saunders born, died 1854 (married Callaway)


28 August: Revolutionary War Veterans Pension awarded


29 September: Colonel David Saunders dies (Affiliate 121813148)

Burial: Col. David Saunders Cemetery – (Others in cemetery (from FindAGrave) are Lucinda W. Saunders Callaway 1808-1854; Ann Dandridge Saunders Mitchell 1800-1862; Leftwich Saunders)

18 August?: Widow pension awarded to Lockey Leftwich Saunders



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Notes on Selected Families from the Register of Saint Peter’s Parish in New Kent County, Virginia

I believe that the practice of accepting “family trees” that assert parent-child relationships in one’s ancestral lines often fail to place the relationships in context, and sometimes result in false information that results in spurious “family tree” lines of descedancy. I think it is important to have insights into the environments in which our ancestors lived.

The “family trees” are often disadvntaged by incomplete documentary evidence that can result from lost archival information (often due to the destruction that accompanies warfare).

The following is a list of excerpts from the archives of Saint Peter’s Parish in New Kent, Virginia, an invaluable source of information of data that survived the destruction of both the Revolutionary War and American Civil War. I have chosen entries relating to the families surnamed Ammon, Carter, CrumpHughes, Sanders/Saunders, Waddell/Waddill and Woodward that appear in the Saint Peter’s Parish records of New Kent, County, Virginia. I have annotated the list with relevant comments.

1680s (year not recorded)

 15th of Feb: Susannah daughter to Stephen Crump bapt.


 18th Sept: Will, son to Will Hughes baptized

[WHB note: See other births recorded for William Hughes – John (1689); Charles (and Elizabeth?), whose mother is Elizabeth (October 1691)]


4 Mar: Thom. Crump son to Will. Crump deceased.


23 Apr: Jno son to Will Hughes baptize

[WHB note: See births recorded for a John Hughes – Jane (1708); Elinor (1710); William (1711) whose mother is Sarah]

1690s (year not recorded)

 9 June: Mary daughter of William Crump bapt.

3 Nov: Stephen son of William Crump bapt.

23 Mar: Susanna daugh of Robt Crump bapt.


24 April: Elizabeth, daughter to William Crump, baptized.


9 June: Anne, Daughter of Wm Waddell born

[WHB Note – See all births recorded for a William Waddell/Waddill: Anne (1691), Elizabeth (1692), William (1694), John (1697), Hannah (1699), Pridgen (1704), Frances (1706), Noel (1709)

18th Oct: Charles son to William Hughs bapt.

19th Oct: Eliz. Daugh’t to Wm and Elizabeth Hughs bap’t


 24 Febr’y: Elizabeth, Daughter of Wm Waddell born

[WHB Note – See all births recorded for a William Waddell/Waddill: Anne (1691), Elizabeth (1692), William (1694), John (1697), Hannah (1699), Pridgen (1704), Frances (1706), Noel (1709) 


28 Apr: William, son of Will Waddell baptiz.

14 November: William, son of Will Sanders

[WHB Note – See all births recorded for a William Waddell/Waddill: Anne (1691), Elizabeth (1692), William (1694), John (1697), Hannah (1699), Pridgen (1704), Frances (1706), Noel (1709)


8 Febr’y: Frances, Dau’t of John Waddell Ju’r by Mary born


23 May: Sarah, daughter of Wm Sanders born baptis

24 Aug’t: John, son of Wm Wa(ddell?) 

[WHB Note – See all births recorded for a William Waddell/Waddill: Anne (1691), Elizabeth (1692), William (1694), John (1697), Hannah (1699), Pridgen (1704), Frances (1706), Noel (1709)

27 Oct: John, son of John Waddell by Mary, born.


19 November: Thomas, son of James Sanders by Sarah, bapt.

16 Aug’t: Hannah, Daughter of Wm Waddell born

[WHB Note – See all births recorded for a William Waddell/Waddill: Anne (1691), Elizabeth (1692), William (1694), John (1697), Hannah (1699), Pridgen (1704), Frances (1706), Noel (1709


 20 Jany: Robert Crump & Martha Powell married

14 April: Mary, daughter of John Sanders baptiz.

11 August: Thomas, son of William Sanders , baptiz.

22 Sept.: Agnis, Daut. Of Charles Waddell baptis,

28 Sept: Stephen Crump Dyed


21 Mar: Eliz. Dau’t of Jno Hughes bapt 17__ (year not recorded, order context)

27 July: Thomas, son of John Waddell Jur. Baptiz.

5 October: John, son of James Sanders, baptiz.


24 February: Susannah, daut of Wm Sanders baptz.

5 April: Sarah dau’t of Cha’s Waddell baptiz.


5 March Alice dau’t of James Sanders baptis


12 May: Bart ye son of Wm Crump bapt. (year not recorded, estimated)

14 May: Charles son of Chas Waddell baptiz.

4 July: Pridgen, son of Wm Waddell born and baptiz. The 18 Aug’t 1704.

[WHB Note – See all births recorded for a William Waddell/Waddill: Anne (1691), Elizabeth (1692), William (1694), John (1697), Hannah (1699), Pridgen (1704), Frances (1706), Noel (1709)


 13 May: Mary, dau of Wm Sanders bapt


2 May: Frances Daughter of Wm Waddell born

[WHB Note – See all births recorded for a William Waddell/Waddill: Anne (1691), Elizabeth (1692), William (1694), John (1697), Hannah (1699), Pridgen (1704), Frances (1706), Noel (1709)

17 July: Joseph, son of Robt. Crump bapt.


16 Febry: Joseph son of Charles Waddell baptiz.


20th July: George son of James Waddell baptiz.


March the 25th: Jane daughter of Jn Hughes baptized

[WHB note – John Hughes, son of William Hughes born 1689 would be 19]

May ye 8th Hannah daughter of James Saunders Baptised

June ye 29th: Frances Daughter of Wm Crump Departed this Life

Xnd Xbr ye 25th Major son of Wm Sanders & Elizabeth his wife


Feb’y ye 2: Charles son of Richard Crump born and bapt. Feb’y ye 26.

Feb’y ye 11th: Mary, Daughter of Wm Crump departed this lif4

April ye 30th: Mary, daughter of Wm Crump, born and Bapt. May ye 8th

May ye 22nd: Gutrick son of Stephen Crump by Anne his wife born

May the 29th: Susana Daughter of Charles Waddill Baptd

June ye 1st: Noel son of Mr Wm Waddill Born

[WHB Note – See all births recorded for a William Waddell/Waddill: Anne (1691), Elizabeth (1692), William (1694), John (1697), Hannah (1699), Pridgen (1704), Frances (1706), Noel (1709)

July ye 14th; James Crump and Venicia Bostick were married

August ye 4: John Sanders and Elizabeth Waddill were married

December ye 20th: Jno Waddill Sen’r Departed this Life


June ye 25th: James son of John Waddill Baptised

July 2d: Anne daughter of Jno Sanders by Eliz. His wife bapt.

Aug ye 6th: Elinor Daughter of Jno. Hughes Baptised

[WHB note – John Hughes, son of William born 1689 would be 21]


Jan ye 1st: William son of John Hughes by Sarah his wife born

[WHB – John Hughes, son of William Hughes born 1689 would be 22]

April ye 8th Sarah Daughter of James Sanders Baptised

Mar the 25th: Lucy, daughter of Rob’t Crump baptized.

May ye 13th: Mary, daughter of James Crump, bapt.

July ye 1st: John son of James Waddill Baptised

November ye 7th: Jacob, son of Wm Waddill Baptised

12 May: Bart ye son of Wm Crump bapt.

8ber ye 12th: Richard son of Rich’d Crump born, baptized Nov 11, 1711.

9ber ye 12th: Agnes daughter of Stephen Crump bapt.


Mar 22: George son of Jno Sanders Baptised

April ye 7th: Jacob son of Wm Waddill Baptised

April y3 18th: Frances Daughter of Cha. Waddil Baptised


 Jany. Ye 24th: Stephen son of James Sanders Baptised

Jany 24th: Mary Daughter of Jno Waddill Baptised

Jany 24th: Anne Daughter of Wm Waddill Ju’r Baptised

Feb’y ye 14th: Thomas & Sarah son & daughter of Steph. Crump born

Febry 26: Sara Daughter of Stephen Crump Departed this Life

March ye 2d: Thomas son of Stephen Crump Departed this Life

May ye 10th: Agnes, daughter of James Crump Baptized

7br 17th: Robt Cade and Susanna Crump was married.


Aug 8th: Agnes Daughter of Wm Sanders Baptised

7ber ye 8th: Anne daughter of Wm Crump born and baptized 8ber ye 4th

Dec (no date): Daughter of Rich’d Crump by Fran. His wife Born


March ye 9th: Judith daughter of Wm Crump baptised

March ye 31st: Elizabeth Daughter of Charles Waddill Born

6th day of 7br: 1715 John son of Jno Sanders Born

July 10: Stephen Crump Born (no parental info) Baptised

5th of 9br: Julius, son of James Crump born


January ye 25th: Sarah Sanders Departed this life

February ye 8th: Agnes Waddill Departed this Life

Febry ye 9th James Sanders Departed this Life

February 17th William Sanders Departed this Life 


May ye 10th: Anne daughter of Steph. Crump born

7br ye 13: Sarah Daughter of Wm Waddill Born 


Dec 5: Jno. Son of Charles Waddil born


Apr 3: Charles son of Cha’s Waddill Departed this Life

Apr 9: Charles Waddel sen’r Departed this Life

Apr ye 29th: Cassaud a daughter of Rich. Crump baptis’d

Jun 29: Sarah wife of Wm Crump Deceased

July 13: John son of James Waddil Deeased

July 18: Charles son of James Waddil was born

Aug 2: Wm. Son of Wm Waddil Jun’r was born

Septem’r 3rd: James son of Jno. Waddill Decease’d


Mar ye 7: Susanna Waddill Deceas’d


Dec 28: James Waddill Died


Jan 23: James Crump son of James Crump born

Mar 3d: Rebecca Waddill Died


May 22: Martha Crump wife of Robt Crump Dep’td this Life

Nov 20th: John son of John Waddill Born 


Jan 4: Eliz: Daughter of William Waddill Jun’r was born


7br 13th: Lucy Daughter of Stephen Crump born


Jan 26th: David son of Richard Crump born.

Feb 1: Agnes Daugh’r of Jno Waddill born & bapt. March 21st

Feb 12: David son of Rich’d Crump Died

Mar 3: Jesse son of James Crump born 


March 29: Rich’d son of Wm Waddill Jun’r born


May 20: Temperance D’r of Wm. Crump Ju’r born

Oct ye 2nd: George ye son of Charles Hughes born

[WHB note – Charles Hughes, son of William Hughes born 1791 would be 35.]


Mar ye 1st: Tho’s Crump Dyed

Mar ye 4th: Nath’l ye son of Rich’d Crump born

Mar ye 12th: Eliz Crump Departed this Life


May ye 11th: Dennis son of Jno Waddill born

7br ye 29th: Geo. Ye son of Susannah Crump Dyed 


7br 20th: John son of Wm. & Marcy Crump born 


Feb 28th: Martha Da’r of Wm & Sarah Waddill born, bap’t Apl. 6

May 18: Mildred d’r of James & Venibia Crump born

July 21: Annis Daughr of Chas. & Eliza Hughs born & baptized Aug 17.

[WHB note – Charles Hughes, son of William Hughes born 1791 would be 38.] 


No’r 27: Mary Da’r of John & Mary Waddill born, bapt January ye 4 following 1729


Aug 17 (1730?): Noel son Wm Waddill Jun’r born, bap’t 7ber 27


Jan’ry 22: Elizabeth Daughter of John & Mary Waddill born baptized March 2

Feb’y 25: Ann Daughter of George and Susanna Waddill, born, baptized Feby 29, died March 3

June 24: Josias son of Joseph & Cassandra Crump born baptized July 21

Oct 15: Edmond son of Charles and Elizabeth Crump dy’d


Apr 28: Richard son of Joseph and Cassandra Crump born, baptized May 23

Oct 10: Eleana daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Crump born, baptized Nov’r 21


Apr 7: Hannah Waddill dy’d

Apr 14: Elizabeth Daughter of William and Mercy Crump born, baptized May 22.

May 11: William Booth, Son of Jacob Waddill dyed

May 22: Martha, Daughter of John and Mary Waddill, born, baptized May 22.

Aug 22: Elizabeth, daughter of Theodorick and Elizabeth Carter, born, baptized Septr. 26

Sept 6 :Hannah, Daughter of John and Magdalen Sanders born, baptized Octob’r 25.

Nov 3: Jemima Daughter of George and Tamar Crump, born, baptized Nov 28th.

Nov 9 Elizabeth, Daughter of Richard and Lucy Crump, born, baptized Decemb’r 12


Feb 14: Jane Daughter of Richard and Lucy Crump, born, baptized March 31.

May 9: Charles, Son of Joseph and Judith Waddill born, baptized June 23

Aug 18: John son of Theodorick and Ann Carter born, baptized Oct 30

Sept 6: Shadrach Son of William and Sarah Waddill born, baptized March 4.

Sept 12: James, Son of George and Susanna Waddill, born, baptized Octo’r 16

Nov 1: Robert Son of Joseph and Cassandr Crump born, baptized De’r 3.


Mar 7: Kezia, daughter of William and Lucretia Hughes, born, baptized April 15

[WHB note – Charles Hughes, son of William Hughes born 1791 would be 47.]

Apr 22: Betty, mulatto girl belong to John Waddill, Jr. born

Augt: 7 Thomas Son of James and Elizabeth Sanders born baptized Sept’r 10.

Dec 13: Mary, daughter of Christopher and Mary Ammon born, baptized Feb’ry 18.


Feb’ry 8: George son of George and Susanna Waddill born, baptized March 16

March 28: Mary, daughter of Theodorick and Temperance Martin, born, baptized May 6.

Oct 18: Benedict son of Rich’d & Lucy Crump was born, baptized Nov’ 25, died August 11


Sept 25: John son of Richard & Lucy Crump born

Sept ___: Lucy Wife of Richard Crump died in September

Sep’r 29: Noel son of George & Susannah Waddill born

Oct 22: Julius son of James and Martha Crump born, baptized De’r 2

Dec 3: William Son of John and Patty Crump born, baptized Jan’ry 13.


January 8: Jesse Son of Charles & Eliz. Crump born

April 8: Melvin son of Nathaniel & Mary Crump, bor

August 6: Noel, son of John & Hannah Waddil born

August 13: Daniel son of Richard & Susan Crump, born


March 1: Turner Thomas & Judith Waddil born

Apr 1: George Son of Christopher and Mary Ammon born

Jun 16: Absalom son of John & Annis Hughes born, baptized July 13

Sept 14: Charles son of Nathaniel & Sarah Crump born, baptized Nov’r 30


June 18: Cecily Daughter of John & Patty Crump born, baptized July 11

July 5: Abner son of Richard & Mary Crump, born, baptized Aug’st 15

August 13: Benjamin son of Charles Waddill born, baptized Sept’r 19

Nov’r 5: Thomas son of Richard & Susanna Crump born, baptized Dec’r 5


Jan 1: Jacob, son of John & Elizabeth Carter, born

Jan 29: Elizabeth Daughter of Nathaniel & Sarah Crump, born

Feb 28: Jesse Bastard Son of Hannah Crump, born, baptized June 5

Mar 22: Stephen Son of John & Annis Hughes, bornu

Aug 4: Jacob son of George & Susanna Waddil;, born, baptized Sept’r 18


July 26: Silas belonging to Charles Waddill born

Aug’st 24: Philemon, son of George & Susanna Woodward born

August 28: Lyddall Son of Richard & Susanna Crump born

August 28: John Pinchback, Son of Charles & Sarah Crump, born

Sept’r 3: Harry Duke, son of Samuel & Mary Woodward born:

October 2 or 6: Martha Daughter of Charles & Mary Waddill born, baptized Novem’r 12

Nov 23: Clara Daughter of Nathl & Sarah Crump born, baptized Dec’r 31

Nov 27: Lucy Daughter of Christopher and Mary Ammon born

Decemb’r 2: George son of James & Mary Waddil born


Jan’ry 16: Sarah son(?) of John & Patty Crump born, baptized Feb’ry 1


Feb 25: Elizabeth Daughter of Charles & Sarah Crump born

Mar 10: Elizabeth Daughter of Richard & Susanna Crump born

Apr 25: Leonard son of Nathan & Sarah Crump born, baptized June 8

Oct 29: Judah daughter of Richard Crump, born


Aug 27: Christian son of Benj. Crump & Eliz his wife was born


20th Mar: Christian son of Benj. Crump & Eliz his wife died

1 Apr’l: Geo. Woodward died. 


Mar 17: Kesandra Dau of Robt & Alice Crump

April 5: Nathaniel, Son of Nath. & Sarah Crump

Oct 4: Susanna Daughter of Edwin & Eliz Waddill born


 June 25: Sharard son of John & Patty Crump born, baptized July 31.


April 8: Haviliah son of Benedict & Eliz. Crump born 


July the 21st: Elizabeth the wife of Benj. Crump Departed this life in the 26th year of her age. 


March 25 Mary Ann Frances of Thos & Susannah Sanders born, baptized Ap’l 28

May the 21st: Benj. Crump & Susannah Parke was married

June 9: William Dennis son of Charles & Mary Waddell, born


Mar the 17th: Caty born daughter of Benj. & Susanna Crump born

Nov 5: Martha of John & Mary Crump born, baptized Jan’r 10. 


Febr’y 6 Wm of Thos’ & Susannah Sanders born


Apr 22: Catherine of John & Patty Crump born, baptized May 28


Mar.28th: Jonn Parke son of Benj. & Susanna Crump was born and died Apr 5.

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Selected 17th Century Land Transactions South of York and Mattapony and North of Chicahominy Rivers of Virginia

WHB: Justin Sanders selected these land transactions as relevant to a Saunders family history. This post supplements Selected 17th Century Land Transactions between York and Rappahonnock (North of Mattapony) Rivers of Virginia.


18 April 1639 – Richard Sanders, servant of William Bassett & wife

Isabella, trans by same, 150 acres on both sides of Chickahominy River, into woods known by Indians as Pottacocock. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 1, p. 107. (PB1:641)


12 Oct 1662 – Wm. Sanders transported to New Kent County by Capt. George Lyddall, 3306 acres on both sides of Black Creek,[1] to Wanieoke Creek (or Warrieoke Cr.) 1750 acres of which granted to Joseph Croshaw 8 Nov 1653. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 1, p. 403. (PB4:324).

[1] Black Creek is a south branch of the Pamunkey River.


25 Sep 1663 – Jno Sanders, trans to Pequimmin River, about 6 or 7 miles up same, point of land near great marsh, running NE to the mouth of a small creeke called Curratick. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 1, p. 427. (PB4:96).


9 Nov 1665 – Thomas Saunders was transported to New Kent Co., on S. side & in freshes of Yorke River above Mohixen by Wm. Crump, Charles Edmonds & Robert Whitehaire[2], 2700 acres Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 1, p. 538. (PB5:444).[2] Robert Whitehaire & Charles Edmonds also transported Alexander Brice; see 25 April 1667.



19 March 1666 – Wm. Sanders transported to New Kent, South Side of Yorke River adj. Manskin (Cr.?), mouth of Tottopottomoyes Creek by  Moyses Davies, 1450 acres adj. Capt. Anthony Langstone & Robert Anderson. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, p. 6. (PB6:19).

9 June 1666 – Wm. Sanders transported to New Kent, adj. Warrani Swamp and Capt. Barnehouse, by John Glen. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers Vol. 2, p. 6. (PB6:18).


23 Oct 1669 – Wm. Sanders transported to New Kent, S. Side of the Yorke River adj. Tankes Queens Cr.,[3] Geo. Hill, Ridge Path, by Wm. Blackey. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers Vol. 2, p. 70. (PB6:278).

[3] There is a Queens Creek in present day Williamsburg; not certain if they are one and the same.


20 April 1682 –  John Lane, 76 acres in New Kent, Co., upon SE side of Mattaponi River, and SSW side of Assatians Swamp. . . . to his seat of land purchased of Thomas Sanders. . . .” Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, p. 240. (PB7:173)[4]

[4] Thomas Sanders appears to have had land on Pamunkey Neck. This may be the 43 acre patent obtained by his son, Thomas Sanders for paying for his own transportation to the colony about 1760. Patent is referenced in “Generations” but has not been located in C&P.

20 April 1682 – John Sanders transported to New Kent, St. Stephen’s Parish, adj. Exoll’s Swamp,

Gabriel Hill, John Richards, by Hugh Lawrence. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, p. 229. (PB7:127).

1689 – Vestry Book St Peter’s Parish, New Kent, Processional list of landowners living in parish. James Sanders is listed twice; also Jno. Sands.


21 April 1690 – James Sanders transported to Henrico County, Varina Parish, N. Side of James River nigh Chickahominy Swamp, adj. Lionell Morris & Gilley Grummeron, crossing a bridge of Gilley’s Cr., by Wm. Porter and Daniell Price. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, p. 340. (PB8:131).

23 Oct 1690 – Eliza. Sanders transported to New Kent on S. Side of Tottamottapoy Creek [5]adj. Cornelius Debony and Jno Davies, by Charles Fleming. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, p. 354. (PB8:106).

[5] A south branch of Pamunkey River. Same location Wm. Sanders was transported to in 1666.

23 Oct 1690 – Mr. John Chiles,[6] 345 acres in New Kent Co., Beg. at Mr. Whitehair’s on Crump’s Creek, to a branch of Mathumps Creek, adj. Capt. Bassett. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, pp. 352-353. (PB8:97).

[6] Son of Walter Chiles II?

[WHB – Crump Creek is a physical feature (stream) in Hanover County. Crump Creek is located within the Henry district at latitute 37.7246 and longitude -77.2972. The primary coordinates for Crump Creek places it within the ZIP Code 23069 delivery area.]

28 April 1691 – Mr. John Chiles, 900 acres in New Kent Co., S. Side & in freshes of Yorke River above Mehixon (Creek), part of 2700 acres granted Mr. William Crump, Mr. Charles Edmonds & Mr. Robert Whitehair, & in division dated 3 Nov 1688 fell to sd. Whitehair, escheated by inquisition under Mr. William Leigh, Dpty. Esch’r. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, p. 364. (PB8:163). [7]

[7] Whitehair, Crump & Edmonds received their grant 9 Nov 1665; Thomas Saunders was one of the transported persons listed in connection with this grant. Is John Chiles related to Sanders persons in New Kent?


20 April 1694 – Edwd. Schrimshire & Jno Schrimshire[8] transported to to Nansemond Co., by Henry Hackley. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 2, p. 389. (PB8:338).

[8] Edward Scrimshire was transported to New Kent, N. Side of Mattapony by Joshua Story in 1691; because James Sanders & Sarah Scrimshire named 2nd son John, Jonathan Scrimshire may be her oldest brother, named after their father.


29 Oct1696 – Wm Winston, 2057 acres in New Kent Co., St. Peter’s Parish, S. Side of Crump’s Creek along land, now or late, of Henry Chiles. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 3, p. 10. (PB9:59). [9]

[9] Henry Chiles is in possession of part or all of land of John Chiles, suggesting they are father & son.


1702 Militia New Kent Co VA (age 16+?)

John Sanders – brother of James & William?

James Sanders – married Sarah Scrimshire

Thomas Sanders – brother of James & John?

William does not appear on list.


1704 Quit Rent Rolls St Peter’s & St Paul’s Parish New Kent.[12]

[12] St. Paul’s Parish was formed in 1704 in the western part of New Kent; Hanover Co. was formed 1719, conforming to the parish boundaries. Thomas Sanders may have resided there; he is not mention in St. Peter’s Vestry Book.

John Sanders – brother of James & William.

James Sanders – brother of John & William, spouse Sarah Scrimshire.

William Sanders – brother of James & John, spouse Elizabeth Major.

Thomas Sanders – brother of above?


20 Nov 1705 – Henry Nelson of St. Stephen’s Parish, King & Queen Co., sells to William Saunders of King Wm. Co., for 2,000 lb tobo, 170 acres in Pamunkey Neck in King Wm. Co., part of a patent of 2,340 acres by sd. Nelson 23 Oct 1703. Land adjoins Darrell’s swamp, land belonging to Thacker, land of sd. Saunders, land of John Whitehead.[10] Witnesses: J. Wood, Richd Price, John Allcock. Elizabeth, wife of sd. Henry Nelson relinq. Dower rights. Recorded King Wm. Co., 20 Jan 1705/6. Source: Records of King William Co., Book 1, 1702-1707, Virginia State Library, Archives Division, in Virginia Colonial Abstracts,Vol. VII, p. 283, Beverly Fleet.[11]

[10] A John Whitehead was listed together with a Wm. Sanders in 1673, transported to the south side of the Rappahannock River by Cadwallader Jones: C&P2:139.

[11] King William Co., formed 1702 from King & Queen; New Kent before 1691.


16 Dec 1714 – Thomas Sanders, Anne Adams, Frances Price, et al. trans to St. Paul’s Parish of New Kent (Hanover 1719), adj. Taylor’s Creek, Pamunkey River, by George Alves. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 3, p. 162-3. (PB10:212).


5 Sept 1723 – William Brown, 268 acres (N.L.) Henrico Co., N side of James River, S. side of the main Creek of Tuccahoe, parting said Cox & Robert Adams, to Gilly Grew Marrain’s line. Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 3, p. 25. (PB11:244).


Between Crump’s Creek & Tottomottapoy Creek: (3-4 miles distance).

William Sanders, 1666.

Elizabeth Sanders, 1690.

John Chiles, 1690-1691.

Henry Chiles, 1696.

James New, 1680.

Varina Parish, Henrico, between Gilley’s Creek & Westham Creek (2-3 miles distance).

Jno. Sanders, Geo. Price & Edw. Crump, 1664.

Joan Sanders, Jane Jackson, James Jackson, 1689.[13]

[13] Joan Sanders & Jane Jackson may be daughters of William Sanders (d. 1660 at Merchant’s Hope) & wife Joan; James Jackson may be son of Patrick Jackson who witnessed Saners’ 1660 will.

James Sanders, Daniel Price, Jane Price, 1690.

Robert Adams, bef. 1723.

Four Mile Creek: William Sanders, Edward Sanders, 1688 (15 miles from Gilley’s Creek).













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A Burnett-Crowder-Crump-Saunders Project for Closely-Related Males

I have received the Big-Y test results from and they have designated my haplogroup as Z59, based on my being positive for that SNP (and the SNPs that preceded it in time designated as I1 M253, DF29 and Z58, but negative for Z60 and the later SNPs. Additionally, one of my contributors, Justin Sanders, who also took the Big-Y test has also been designated as Z59.

I have corresponded with an expert on Big-Y, who will be analyzing my results more closely.

While awaiting the test results and analysis,  I discovered a way to use accumulated y-dna “relationship” data available from the ftdna y-dna surname projects to create a list of approximately five dozen people who y-dna testing has demonstrated are closely related to me.

This is a “connect the dots” exercise. To do it, I joined four ftdna surname projects – for the surnames Burnett, Crowder, Crump and Saunders. Once part of those surname projects, I was able to use the ftdna results to determine which records were closely related to me and which ones were much more distantly related.

The question might be raised as to why I chose those surnames, when my own surname is “Burnett”. The answer is, that in each case a major y-dna testing firm gave me a giant clue as to where to look.

My first clue came from the Sorensen Molecular Research Foundation, which I understand  no longer exists as an independent entity. I had submitted my y-dna test results to them and they replied that I belonged with the “Saunders” surname group.

This was very instructive, because longstanding family lore (at that time controversial within the family) that my great-great-great grandfather, who was born in 1807, was a Saunders, even though his surname was Burnett.

The story had some verisimilitude, because my supposed GGGG grandfather Williamson Burnett had repudiated the patrimony of three of sons of his estranged wife, Priscilla, in his will. The three disinherited sons (or would-be stepsons)  when they came of age were apprenticed to Julius Saunders. As a result of the Sorensen MRF pronouncement, cousins descended from each of the three dishinherited brothers took y-dna tests and it was confirmed we are all closely related. It is no longer a controversy within the family.

The second big clue came from, from whom I took a 67-STR marker y-dna test (when they were still in that business). reported back to me that I was closely related to persons named Kerley and Crump. I was able to get into contact with Anthony Crump. Over the years he has worked with me and contributed to the research. Anthony and I have taken y-dna SNP tests  and have increasing evidence that our hypothesis that our ancestors’ relationship dates at least to 12th century England has a high probability of being true. The fact that our ancestors arrived in Tidewater Virginia in the 17th century reinforces the idea that there existed concerted activity between those ancestors, likely a common (or even a family) interest in seafaring and mercantile activities.

The third clue was provided by, with whom I had taken a 111-STR marker test, as had Anthony Crump and a man surnamed Crowder. As expected, they confirmed that Anthony and I had a Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) within historic/genealogical time. What was unexpected, reported that Mr Crowder and myself had an MRCA even closer in time. In searching various genealogical records, I discovered that the Crowder surname appears in marriages between the Crowder and Saunders families in Virginia. Both families (and others in my maternal ancestral lines surnamed Johnson, Moorman, etc.) were involved in Quaker monthly meetings in Bedford County, Lynchburg and other centers of Quaker activity in Virginia.

I had corresponded with one of Williamson Burnett’s descendants (a letter that I will post in the future) as to whether any of Williamson’s male descendents whose paternity by Williamson is undisputed have taken a y-dna test. While that line of inquiry is being researched, it occurred to me to look at the Burnett surname project comparative y-dna data.

Examining the Y-DNA Classic Chart for the Burnett surname was revelatory. There was a cluster of 11 persons (other than myself) that were in my haplogroup I1-M253. In examining the STR value at DYS455, every one of us in 1-M253 group had STR455=8. Every other person had STR455=11 or 12. I corresponded with a ftdna group administrator  (expert) who, said, that because STR455 changes very slowly, that I was on relatively safe ground assuming that the males surnamed Burnett identified as I-1 253 haplogroup with DYS=8 were closely related, while those in other haplogroups whose DYS455 values were 11 or above were not closely related to us.

Several of these Burnett-surnamed males listed as their oldest known male ancestor Burnett ancestors who were born in the mid-18th century or earlier. Their research may well have correctly identified the descendancy of their surname, but not their y-dna ancestry. I believe that every Burnett-surnamed male in the ftdna Burnett surname project with DYS455=8 is descended from Priscilla Burnett, wife of Williamson Burnett of Bedford County, but is not descended from Williamson.

It then occurred to me to look for related persons in the Saunders, Crowder and Crump surname projects. There, indeed, were lots of Crumps and Saunders with DYS455=8 who were haplogroup I-M253 or its descendants (I was previously listed as Z58+, because I was positive for that SNP test – I had been tested for Z59+ as well, but that is with a different company and was not included in the ftdna charts before my ftdna Big-Y results became available.)

However, there were also lots of Crumps and Saunders who were not closely related. I believe this helps the research as well, and has the potential to reinforce our hypothesis that the DYS455=8 group within these two families were associated with each other for a period that may have lasted for centuries.

But what about the Crowders? There were two of that group that met my DYS455=8 and I1-M253 haplogroup criteria. This suggests to me that in the past two or three hundred years that a boy who was sired by a Saunders was adopted by a Crowder and was given that surname. Because of the close association with Virginia Quakers, it is not impossible to identify exactly what happened when and where. However, there are now two males in the Crowder surame project (besides myself who joined the project to discover  y-dna matches) who would benefit from joining me, Anthony Crump and others on some collaborative research on the y-dna line.

I will alert the surname project administrators of this initiative. If you’ve come across this post and wish to correspond with me on the subject, write me at [email protected]



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“Deep History” Genealogical Research with 37-Marker and 111-Marker STR Testing: Studying “Crowder” and “Martinez” Relationships

Two months ago I posted an essay on use of y-dna genetic testing to further “deep history” genealogical research [Using y-dna testing in “deep family history” research].

As a follow-up to that discussion, I will provide two examples of very different y-dna test results for further study.

The Surname Martinez

The first example is an American of Mexican descent, Mr. Martinez, who had taken the 37-marker STR test, and was surprised to find himself placed in Haplogroup I1 M253 . His family has contacted me for advice.

I believe that there are historical reasons not to be surprised that a male whose ancestors likely resided in either England, Normandy or Scandinavia for the last thousand years or so would be related to a person whose ancestors likely resided in Spain in the distant past. I can think of possible scenarios where that would occurred even within historic times, perhaps in the past millennium.

However, the relationship (a father with sons who were respectively my ancestor and that of Mr Martinez) may be considerably more distant in the past than the previous millennium.

Even though I have taken the 111-marker test, I have come to believe, confirmed by the opinions of y-dna research experts with whom I correspond, that the 37-marker test is a good first step in determining the y-dna haplogroup.

The next step for someone who finds himself assigned to haplogroup I1 M253 as a result of the 37-marker test is to confirm that truly this is his haplogroup.

That confirmation can take place through testing the major SNPs associated with it, starting with SNP DF29. It is my understanding that Mr Martinez’ family is pursuing that next step. As we get more information we will pursue the questions as to how we might be related, however distantly.

The Surname Crowder

The second example is a person who has taken the 111- marker STR test (as I have) and is listed by as having a Most Recent Common Ancestry estimated at five generations back.

Previously I had identified persons who share my seemingly rare y-dna profile – Haplogroup I1 M253, positive for SNPs DF29, Z58 and Z59, but negative for SNPs Z60, Z2041 and CTS8647 – as having the names Saunders, Crump and Kerley, with the additional case of men named Burnett who were descended (as I am) from three brothers born in Bedford County, Virginia between 1806 and 1811 of a man whose ancestors were surnamed Saunders, rather than Burnett.

A person surnamed Crowder who was shown to have a Most Recent Common Ancestor within the last two or three centuries was unexpected.

I have increasingly abundant reasons to conclude that my own y-dna ancestors lived in Virginia from the mid-17th century on, and before that in Southern England – Gloucestershire, Dorsetshire, Surrey, perhaps Cambridge, and elsewhere – and likely had done so likely since the Middle Ages.

My first response was to see if there is any association of Crowders and the other three surnames (Saunders, Crump and Kerley) in either Virginia or Southern England.

First, from my own previous postings on [see 17th Century Saunders, Crump and Kerley Immigrants to Virginia], I found only the following:

In 1654, Nicholas Merywether sponsored 43 persons – two of whom were EDWARD SAUNDERS and THOMAS CROWDER – to be transported to Westmoreland County, Virginia.

However, through cursory research I have found at least a dozen incidents of persons surnamed Crowder and Saunders who were married or were residing in localities where families surnamed Crowder and Saunders intermarried or were otherwise closely associated. Obviously, further research is needed.

Of immediate interest is the fact that the Crowder surname is associated with Bedford County, Virginia, where the generations between my paternal grandfather and my paternal great-great-great grandfather lived) and with the Quakers (a religion followed by many of my ancestors).

Crowders were also associated with my Quaker ancestor elsewhere in Virginia, including Quakers named Johnson, one of my ancestral surnames, and Hatcher, a surname also ssociated with my family history.

I will post an essay that updates my current thoughts on my confirmed and probable ancestors residing in Bedford County in the first decade of the 19th century soon.

For those who might wish to contact me on these or other family history subjects, use the e-mail address [email protected]


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Using y-dna testing in “deep family history” research

The popularity of “family history shows” has coincided with the creation of  an industry offering genetics testing for genealogical research. One product offered by this industry is testing “y-dna”, in which genetic information is passed from son to son.

The information provides insights into movement of men (and, by inference, their wives and daughters) through the hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution.

In limited, but important, circumstances, the y-dna tests can help in genealogical research, but how they can help is often misunderstood.

On this website, we explore and attempt to reconstruct the family history of a number of families, each of whom is descended from Europeans, particularly families from England, France,  Germany and Scandinavia.

There are two areas of y-dna research that have our attention. The first is the strong possibility, for which evidence continues to mount, that we have identified a line of fathers and sons involved in mercantile activities and seafaring, perhaps stretching back a millenium or more, whose surnames in the current generation are Saunders, Crump, Kerley and Burnett (the latter through the circumstances of three illegitimate sons whose father was almost certainly surnamed Saunders).

Another area relates to another, completely different male y-dna line, surnamed Carter, where the genealogical evidence suggests concerted mercantile and other economic activity, beginning possibly in 16th century Gloucestershire in England, and more certainly was in place in the 17th century Gloucestershire, the English port of Bristol, and Virginia.

Much information already exists on this website, but much more can and will be added.

At present we are particularly interested in connecting with persons who have information on men of y-dna haplogroup I1, M-253, whose SNP testings indicates they are positive for SNP Z-59 and negative for SNP Z-60. For more information, contact me at [email protected]

William Burnett

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David Bair (1799-) Botetourt, VA




DAVID BAIR Botetourt County VA Federal Census 1 Male over 26 White 1 Female between 15 and 26 No slaves.


DAVID BEAR Botetourt County VA Federal Census 1 Male Between 5 and Under 10; 2 Females Under 5; 1 Female 5-10. No slaves.


DAVID BARE Botetourt County VA Federal Census 1 Male 5 through 10, 1 Male 15 through 20, 1 Female under 5, 2 Females 5-10, 2 Females 10-15, 1 Female 15-20, 2 Females 20-30.


2 January ANN BAIR, daughter of DAVID BAIR, Botetourt VA, marries MORTIMER OAKS.


DAVID BAIR Botetourt County VA Federal Census. Listed as Farmer, married, age 51 (born 1799). Wife listed as MARY BAIR, son Henry, daughter Barbara, son George, at home.

October 14 Rice T. Oaks, brother of MORTIMER OAKS, marries Susan Bear, daughter of DAVID BEAR in Botetourt County, VA.


DAVID BAIR Floyd County VA Federal Census Listed as Miller, married, living with wife MARY BAIR, son William (age 15, adopted)

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